Your girlfriend’s male bestie is a threat to your relationship – Relationship expert Blessing CEO tells men (Video)

Relationship expert, Blessing CEO has send a powerful message to men as she once again drop a hot take concerning relationship.

In the video, that surfaced online, Blessing Okoro tells men never to allow their girlfriends have a male bestie as she noted that having a male bestie is a threat to the relationship.

Blessing CEO made this known in the clip shared via her official Instagram page while addressing the topic “Is it possible to actually make bestie as a lady?”

The relationship expert advises men to be very careful as she asserts that there is nothing like a male bestie.

Speaking further, Blessing CEO defines male bestie as a man who is not bold enough to ask out the lady she is interested in for a relationship.

Spilling out more details to men, Blessing CEO says that when a man leaves his girlfriend with her male bestie there will be a lot of pant shifting meaning that something $exu@l is going on between them.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

lifestyle_pappi: Na why I no Dey like woman matter, something wey Dey go down lowkey this Agbaya don openly cast am😂💔.

pretty_divaella: No be everyone be dog like you 📌.

kku.kamo14: The only person wey do bbL and become ugly 😂😂😂.

michellechris220: Some of you are mistaking close friend from best friend. They are 2 different things. So don’t come here saying it’s possible to have a male bestie meanwhile he’s actually just your close friend and your man is your actual best friend. If it’s the other way around, making your mam close friend instead of his best friend then you need proper therapy.

ericogaga: I believe sooo many things u say , INSHORT I am your huge fan , But u see this one u talk so , is not totally true , because I have a female bestie for over 15yrs now, the relationship is pure 💯, we were bestie before I got married and she is even married now and we are still close . Inasmuch there are bad ones there are also good ones too with pure internation.

itzpurityceo: I disagree with you on this one the fact ppl have come to abuse the word bestie but good ones exist yes! They exist i personally the man after my heart i met him through my male bestie n till date we are happily together as family.

kokonma_kitchen: I had a best frd male. We liked ourselves really. We’d go out with my girlfriends n spend the night in his house, they sleep at the other room while I sleep with him in the master’s room. We never had sex. I traveled to calabar cos I was to do chief bride’s maid, he traveled to come meet me there. We slept in same room n no sex. Reasons was : we couldn’t date n he didn’t want to ruine our relationship becos he had a girlfrd n a son with her.we still frds now n we both are married but me to my frd n him to his baby mama. There are good guys sha but them nor plenty.

ondem_twerk_queen: Low mindset 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ not all Besties have something doing mtcheww

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