“Your choice is based on emotions” Netizens criticize Iyabo Ojo for declaring support for GRV

Popular Nigerian actress Iyabo Ojo, has been criticized by fans for showing her support for Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour as the next Lagos State Governor.

Iyabo Ojo posted this on her Instagram page while she prayed for the Labour party governorship candidate.

She indicated her full support for him and urged Lagosians to vote whoever they deemed fit for the job. Let the best man win, she wrote.

She posted: Son of the soil….. omo eko gangan ….. remain blessed & highly favored @grvlagos 🙏🙏
Please vote & support your own choice in peace.
Let the best man win, A better Lagos is what we pray for, no fight, no hate 🙏

"Your choice is based on emotions" Netizens criticize Iyabo Ojo for supporting GRV
“Your choice is based on emotions” Netizens criticize Iyabo Ojo for supporting GRV
Netizen’s Reactions

Netizens have reacted to her choice and questioned it. You can find their queries here:

A netizen wrote: What’s his antecedents though. This your choice is based on emotions o. Obi is better as president doesn’t make all LP members the best. Experience counts, Lagos is too big fir anyone to start learning work with.

Another netizen wrote: Sha don’t use emotions vote, remember how we thought buhari was an angel 🤔 see where we are today, everything no be para😮show me or tell me about any state in this Nigeria better than Lagos state 🤔 sometimes let us face realities Apc are trying in Lagos, your candidate your right I agree ooooo Lagos state isn’t a state we can use emotions to scatter ooooo, most of us go suffer am

A netizen wrote: What do you have against Sanwoolu now, as you claim Tinubu is old… Sanwoolu is young and has been one of the best governor in Nigeria… But you want an inexperienced lad to replace him.

Another netizen wrote: As she choose LP now nobody insults her oo so Abeg if any other celebrity choose different candidate just let them be

A netizen wrote: So aunty Iyabo you mean say make we handle mega city like Lagos to an amateur with no political experience or tract record. I vote PO does not mean say make we vote person not qualified enough under the umbrella of labor party…

A netizen wrote: Maami I cant say I’m disappointed at the choice you made because its your choice even though I would have loved you to do your research on other candidates too, this GRV is inexperienced for Lagos

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