“You have seen a lot and endured so much” Kemi Korede speaks on Regina Chukwu’s past pains after visit to her new house

Nollywood actress, Kemi Korede has recounted the struggles her friend and colleague, Regina Chukwu passed through to become the woman she is today.

Following her visit to Regina Chukwu’s new house, Kemi Korede noted how when God blesses someone, it would be evident in anything they touch.

Refecting on their past, Kemi Korede revealed that the days of their early friendship was filled with struggles, downfalls, strengths and hope.

Fast forward to now, she can boldly say that she is glad and proud of Regina as she has grown, seen a lot and endured so much.

She noted how God has given her a new name, Big Gina.

Speaking on her new house, Kemi Korede described it as an edifice and expressed disappointment that pictures don’t do justice to it.

“When God has blessed you, it will be evident in anything you touch. Looking back to the days of our early friendship – the struggles, and the hopes. I can boldly say that I am so glad and proud of you Regina. You have grown! You have seen a lot! You have endured so much. God has given you a new name – Big Gina. Your edifice is mightier than what pictures present. Online videos can’t do justice to what you have really built.

I tap into grace with one sincere mind; may God bless me and my loved ones also.
Congratulations BIG GINATION”.

Kemi Korede speaks on visit to Regina Chukwu's house

Regina Chukwu emotional as Kemi Korede storms her new house

Jaratunes reported on Friday that Regina Chukwu had been left emotional after her colleague and friend, Kemi Korede visited her home.

Recall that in December, Regina Chukwu had splashed millions on a new house.

Kemi Korede had visited her home and left her emotional.

Regina expressed how glad she is that she and Kemi don’t look like what they have been through as they have come a long way.

She appreciated Kemi Korede for always showing up for her and others regardless.

The Yoruba movie star disclosed that she is still planning her upcoming housewarming party.

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