“You are the worst friend I have had” IK Ogbonna calls out Alex Ekubo for exposing their chats

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Nollywood actor Ikechukwu (IK) Ogbonna has called out his friend, Alex Ekubo, for exposing their chats on social media.

Alex Ekubo shared some of the chats between him and IK Ogbonna, which started from a football comment to their normal banter.

Alex shared the chats online to make an enquiry about IK’s primary school educational proof after the latter misspelt a word.

He wrote, “Pls I need 5 people to confirm they attended primary school with @ikogbonna because i don’t understand the immigrant spelling.”

IK Ogbonna responded with a funny expression about how Alex Ekubo had been his worst friend ever. He wrote, “You are the worst friend I have had in a long time. Stupid mental ewu.”

Alex Ekubo publicly call out IK Ogbonna over his fake lifestyle

In like manner, Alex Ekubo called out IK Ogbonna over his supposed fake lifestyle that cost him his visa.

Alex Ekubo shared a photo of himself in Canada while he revealed why IK couldn’t join him. According to him, his friend’s Canadian visa was denied because he applied and turned up for interviews with different personalities.

Alex Ekubo urged his friend to be himself, whether online or offline.

He wrote: This could have been @ikogbonna & I, on this trip, but baba no get Canadian Visa. 🙄

Actually, when he applied, he was bald when he did the interview, when they now did background check on Instagram, they now saw someone with full Jerry curl hair, so they got confused.

Moral of the Story: be yourself online & offline.

Thank you for coming to my TedX.

In response to Alex Ekubo’s rants on Instagram, IK Ogbonna warned his friends not to mess up with him as his day had already started on the wrong note.

He wrote: Oga, it’s 8 am over here in Nigeria……. So this is what I have to wake up to 🙄 after u pipo will be blaming me, president when ur problem is here right b4 us. Anybody that collect slap or shout today should understand that my day started with waka shege.

Alex Ekubo congratulates IK Ogbonna

Alex Ekubo penned a sweet congratulatory note to celebrate his pal, IK Ogbonna’s honorary doctorate degree.

Alex Ekubo shared a photo of his friend on his verified Instagram page, where he welcomed him to the group. He also wished him success in his achievement.

He wrote: “Congrats @ikogbonna on your honorary doctorate in leadership & development from the Institute Suprereur De Technologies Et De Management (ISTM UNIVERSITY). May we keep winning & achieving, my fellow honorary doctor”.


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