“Why you should keep your confidence level high” Actor Yul Edochie shares dating tips to men

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Nollywood actor and movie producer, Yul Edochie has dished out some words of wisdom to his g£nder.

Taking to his Instagram page, the father of five admonished men not to feel intimidated by a woman’s success.

According to him, if a man falls in love with a rich woman, her success shouldn’t stop him from expressing his feelings to her.

He noted how not all women are after money but are more interested in quality of the man, his reasoning, his behavior and his looks.

Yul reiterated that they should let their feelings known and keep their confidence high as everything isn’t about money.

“If she’s rich and you, shishi no dey your side but you like her, tell her you like her.
If you want to date her tell her.
Not all women are after money. Some women are moved by the quality of the man, his reasoning, his behavior, his looks.
Tell her how you feel. She’ll either say yes or no. She no go kill you. Whether you’re rich or poor, as a human being keep your confidence level high. Even your confidence can make her like you. Money is not everything”.

He added, “Money is good. Very good actually. But money isn’t

Yul Edochie advises lady after she shared her embarrassing experience from a date

This is coming after Yul Edochie had offered a piece of advice to a lady, who lowered her standard to please her date.

The lady had taken to the micro-blogging platform, Twitter to recount one of her embarrassing dating experience.

According to her, a guy asked her out and she arrived the venue with her car. The guy, who was oblivious to the fact that she has her own car, had ordered an Uber for them.

Not wanting to make him feel bad, the lady left with him in the Uber, dropped off at a location and returned to pick up her car.

“This guy asked me out on a date and I met him there. When we were about to leave he ordered an Uber I didn’t want to make him feel bad so I left in the Uber with him. He dropped me off at mine and left so I ordered bolt back to the where we had our date and drove my car home”.

Reacting to it, Yul Edochie opined that the lady shouldn’t have lowered her standard for him.

He admonished her never to be who she isn’t in order to please anyone.

Yul Edochie stated that the lady should have been herself, offer to drop him off with her car.

According to him, if the guy is the right one for her, he wouldn’t be intimidated.

Never lower your standard or be who you’re not to please anyone.
Be yourself.
In fact offer to drop him off with your car.
If he’s the right guy for you he’ll not be intimidated”.

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