“Why I will love to be a mother” James Brown reveals his ultimate desire despite his gender (Video)

Popular crossdresser and upcoming actor, James Brown has revealed one of his greatest desires.

The crossdresser cum socialite, via his Instagram page, revealed that he would love to be a mother.

According to the Duchess of Africa, he loves babies and wish to have his soon.

“I love babies. I wish to have mine soon. I will love to be a mother, the joy of motherhood”.

This has left many confused as the crossdresser is a male and still has his masculine features.

did not want to confuse her – James Brown comports himself following his grandma’s visit

Recall that for his grandmother’s birthday weeks back, James Brown had revealed what he did in order not to confuse his grandmother.

James Brown who has successfully made a name for himself after joining the league of crossdressers took to his Instagram page to share pictures of himself dressed as a man. According to him, he had to appear as a male today because his grandma came to visit him and he didn’t want to confuse her.

He however noted that he is a boy with a feminine spirit.

He wrote: “My Grandma came for a visit, so I decided not confuse her with my look. I am that boy with a feminine spirit”.


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James Brown says being a woman can make one wealthy

Speaks on crossdressing , James Brown explained why he chooses to dress as a woman.

The dramatic Duchess of London took to his Instagram account to share pictures of himself dressed as a man, however, with female nails. A fan told him he is handsome as a man and doesn’t understand why he acts like a woman.

Responding to the fan, James Brown said he dresses like a woman because it pays the bills naturally. He also said that being a woman can make somebody rich however if the person is smart. He also offered to help if the fan is interested.

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