“Why I blocked my bestfriend Anita Joseph” Uche Ogbodo spills as she tackles Nkechi Blessing, others

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Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo has revealed why she blocked her now former best friend, Anita Joseph.

While engaging in a face-off with her colleague, Nkechi Blessing, Uche Ogbodo stated that she blocked Anita because she betrayed her.

Uche had shared a list of the celebrities she had blocked and Anita Joseph was one of them.

Reacting, Nkechi Blessing had questioned if their fight was worth it, especially when they’d been together for years.

She noted how one’s friends can’t always support them.

“But is this issue worth your years of friendship? Your friends cannot always support your opinion sha oooo…. Toh!!!”.

Replying her, Uche Ogbodo stated that Anita Joseph should have thought twice about their years of friendship before pitching a tent with her enemy to ridicule her.

“That years of friendship should think twice before joining enemy camp just to ridicule your years of friendship.

She added, “Life goes on Asa”.

Actress, Adaora Ukoh wished everyone who Uche Ogbodo had blocked a happy Easter.

“Eweeeee happy blocking Easter to all dem blockers”.

Susan Peters had urged her to calm down.

“Be calming down ooo”.

Uche Ogbodo issues critics a stern warning

Earlier on, Uche Ogbodo had sternly warned her critics and trolls as she clashed with former best friend, Anita Joseph.

Sharing a list of the number of fans she had blocked including Anita Joseph and Nasty Blaq, Uche Ogbodo told her critics not to come for her.

Revealing their punishment, she stated that she would block anyone who disturbs her leave, stresses her, and support bad comments.

She added that she has zero patients for rubbish.

“If you disturb my peace I block! You stress me I block! You turn olori buruku I block! I have zero patients for rubbish! So feel free to express yourself on my page!”.

Uche Ogbodo bitterly curses betrayals, as she and Anita Joseph unfollow each other

Jaratunes reported on Friday that Anita Joseph and Uche Ogbodo had unfollowed each other on the photo-sharing app, Instagram.

Jaratunes did a check on their respective Instagram pages and noticed that the former BFFs have unfollowed each other.

Taking to her Instagram to shade Anita Joseph, Uche Ogbodo wished betrayals a happy last supper.

She noted how April 8th was a special day set aside for back-biting friends.

Uche referred to how Judas betrayed Jesus for a fee, but betrayals of today, do it for free.

Laying curses on betrayals, Uche added that as they join people they gossip about to eat today, may the wrath of God locate them.

“Happy Last Supper Day to betrayers. Today is a special day set aside for you all back-biting friends. Judas did it for a few but you lot do it for free.

As you join the people you gossip about to eat today, may the wrath of God locate you. Happy Last Supper Day”.

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