“Why I am almost certain it didn’t happen” Actress Foluke Daramola hits back at Yeni Kuti over her claims that she was disrespectful to her years back (Video)

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Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola has responded to media personality, Yeni Kuti.

Jaratunes reported on Wednesday that Yeni Kuti, while on ‘Your View’ show recounted how Foluke Daramola was rude to her years back.

Responding to her allegations, Foluke affirmed that she doubts the incident ever occured.

The movie star mentioned that she isn’t one to be disrespectful to her mate let alone an older person, hence why she is almost certain that Yeni Kuti’s allegation was false.

Nevertheless, she has privately reached out to the media personality and they have settled they differences.

Foluke went on to share a Yoruba adage that implies that she might have forgotten about the incident since she wasn’t the one at the receiving end. But she is certain the incident never happened.

“Goodmorning everybody. I am coming online to do this short talk because some of my colleagues and my friends have called me and tagged me on the interview Aunty Yeni Kuti did on ‘Your View’ allegating that I was rude to her years ago.

First and foremost, I have to come online to do this because she made the allegation public though I have spoken with her privately , we have sorted things out and I have apologised.

Being rude to people that are my age isn’t in my character, talk less those that are older than me and Aunty Yeni is someone I hold in high esteem.

I am almost certain it didn’t happen. Although, I am not here to argue if it happened or didn’t”.

Yeni Kuti recounts how Foluke Daramola disrespected her years ago

This is coming after, Yeni Kuti had recounted how Foluke Daramola disrespected her years ago.

The co-host of ‘Your View ‘ while addressing Foluke Daramola stern warning to young Nigerians, recounted to her co-hosts how the thespian was rude to her years back.

Describing it as Karma, Yeni Kuti stated that even though she has no issues with Foluke Daramola now and even talks to her, she cannot help but remember how the movie star insulted her many years ago.

To be sure that the movie star was being hypocritical, she revealed that she went on Google to check the actress’ present age and discovered that she is 45 while she is 62.

Yeni Kuti explained that the insults she got from the actress at the time was too much before adding that she is now demanding respect from youths.

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