“What to do if another man impregnates your wife” Bukunmi Oluwashina offers advice (Video)

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Nollywood actress and movie producer, Bukunmi Oluwashina has offered a piece of powerful advice to men with a pregnant cheating spouse.

Taking to her Instagram page, Bukunmi admonished men not to divorce or break up with their partner who got pregnant from extramarital affairs.

She noted how men are the head of the family and as such, should build their homes, and families and welcome the child with love.

She told them to forgive and forget and fight for their woman. Bukunmi added that their next partner could be worse if they choose to leave their cheating partner.

“Men, you guys should protect yourselves. It isn’t every time a girl calls you that she is coming, you will say you are around. Must you be around?

Give yourself some pride, these girls will just sleep with you and dump you. Say you aren’t at home even if it’s once.

If your girlfriend mistakenly sleeps with your friend and you say you’re breaking up, that’s not right. Fight for your girl, she is your girl. What if she forgot that he is your best friend? That’s how my gender is, we forget easily.

Just forgive and move on.

Or your wife mistakenly slept with someone outside and got pregnant, every child is a blessing. Nobody is above mistakes, welcome the child, and build your home.

You are the Head of the family, you should make your homework. Or do you want to leave your woman for the new guy? Noo. Fight for your home, fight for your woman. If you leave her, do you know if the next person you will be with will sleep with your brother”?

In her caption, she further admonished them to pray for their cheating spouse.

She wrote, “If your wife is sleeping around, please pray for her. Enter the war room. It might be spiritual. She might be going through a lot. What God cannot do does not exist.

Make e no be like say nobody dey advice men”.

Don’t follow him home, I can’t fight a man over a man” Bukunmi Oluwashina sends an important message to her husband

Just weeks back, Bukunmi Oluwashina had sent an important message to her husband.

The mother of one revealed, in a video posted on her social media page, that she can’t fight a man because of her husband.

Warning him, she stated that if one of his friends playfully touches his derriere, he shouldn’t follow him home as she can’t fight a man over a man.

“Me advising my man, cos I can’t be fighting a man over a man”.

How I played matchmaker for Yemi Alesho”, Bukunmi Oluwashina spills

In other news, Bukunmi Oluwashina narrated how she played the role of a matchmaker between skit maker, Yemi Alesho and his fiancee, Queen Mideh.

Bukunmi made the revelation as she congratulated the couple on their engagement.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, Bukunmi revealed how Yemi Alesho born Adeoye Adeyemi Elesho had reached out to her over his interest to court her friend-turned-sister.

She recounted how Yemi had pestered her to help him get closer to her as he believes she is his wife.

His type of profession had made Bukunmi think he was joking and only cracking jokes, but his persistent disturbance and pestering made her know he was serious.

Cutting the story short, she congratulated the couple on their engagement.

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