“Trying to better myself for my fourth husband”, MC Oluomo’s daughter, Ayinke reveals

One of the daughters of popular MC Oluomo, known as Ayinke, has made a revelation on her relationship status.

The self-acclaimed travel nurse revealed this on her Instagram story in a question-and-answer section she made available to her fans.

In the question and answer section, she noted that she is a single mother of two girls and is currently in no relationship. However, Ayinke noted that she is trying to better herself as she hopes to marry her fourth husband.

I’m a single mother with two children and i’m in a relationship with Allah and myself. We learning how to bettr myself for my 4th hushand one day, she revealed.

Trying to better myself for my fourth husband", MC Oluomo's daughter, Ayinke reveals
Trying to better myself for my fourth husband”, MC Oluomo’s daughter, Ayinke reveals
“Don’t mess with me, I am my father’s daughter and not in your level” MC Oluomo’s daughter, Ayinke blows hot

Ayinke, one of the daughters of the Chairman of Lagos State Parks and Garages, Musiliu Akisanya better known as MC Oluomo earlier in march, sent a message to her critics.

In a series of posts on her Instagram story, Ayinke noted how the only thing trolls can do is to stay behind their phones and insult her daily, which doesn’t stop her from being her father’s daughter.

Arike told them not to mess with her and to stay far away from her as she isn’t in their level.

Nevertheless, Ayinke revealed that she still loves the trolls and hope they stay safe and woke.

“Let me say this really quick. All of you that called me your friend and even those I grew up with are insulting me and my family and I find that shit cr@zy cause when you were posting your candidate I didn’t say shit to you but watch and left don’t get it twisted though. I don’t hate you for your choice, but if you think me and you still cool after this, drink gutter water I’m not even mad at who you voted for but for the insults? Like come on Chelsea!! We are not the same and if you really pained come fight me. I dey America and knowing dam well you no fit enter America! I be regular for Nigeria! Come beat me.”

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