“This man is a bitter soul” Reactions as Korra Obidi’s ex-husband, Justin Dean mocks her new house (Video)

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Just a few weeks after his ex-wife, Korra Obidi bought a new house, Justin Dean has made a mockery of her house.

Jaratunes reported in March that Korra Obidi splashed millions on a new house in Los Angeles, USA.

Reacting to it, the American therapist posted a video on his Tiktok comparing his rented apartment to Korra’s new mansion. He noted that people had been misinformed as a mansion offers 5000 square ft. with 5 to 6 bedrooms which hers didn’t have.

He said: “I am 2000 square feet short of a mansion. There is a condo downstairs; if you put both of these together, mine is almost a mansion. So many people are putting phrases on the internet with complete inaccuracy.”

To jog your memory, there was a court directive that instructed both parents to refrain from sharing pictures of their children on social media. Justin then asserted that his daughters are not confined to a room and offered Korra a thousand dollars if she could produce evidence to the contrary.

“I will give you 1k dollars if you show me evidence of my kids locked up in a room”, he said. You can watch the video.


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Reacting to it, many Nigerians dragged him for being envious of his ex-wife’s continued success.

One Tuna Reginald wrote, “Divorcing this man was the best decision Korra made! Such a bitter leaf man!!

One Sapphire wrote, “This man is the weapon fashioned against Korra

One Pretty Hair and more wrote, “Even if it’s bamboo house, it’s a roof over her head. Please be happy when others win

One Pretty Angeluv wrote, “But at least make una dey talk truth. E no, go kill una. Online pressuring

One Golden Jenny wrote, “This man is a bitter soul

One Ezzeanie wrote, “I wonder how she even married this man…if na like this oyibo be….then some Nigerian men deserve award…what a man

One Ama Daniels wrote, “He is too bitter, tufiakwa

One the House of Fab wrote, “Someone should tell this guy to get a life and move on. Na wa for monitoring your ex oo

One Lily Vee wrote, “He’s jealous n can’t hide it…he should at least be happy that his kids have a permanent home with their mother

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