“This is uncalled for” – Video trends as armed Police Officers harass man in Rivers State (Watch)

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A video is making the rounds on social media that reveals the moment armed police officers exerted their brutality on a Nigerian man and by extension generated several reactions among netizens.

In the video making the rounds officers, one of the armed police officers harasses a middle aged Nigerian publicly and it has got many people talking online on what’s happening in a country like Nigeria that has government and policy.

The harassment by the armed Nigerian police officers on a Nigerian man and a lady took place at at Emohua checkpoint, Porth-Harcout. Rivers State

In the clip rocking the air, the police officers was seen beating a Nigerian in a native white dress using a very long cane as if a teacher is beating a student and that was jut the beginning.

The police officer further shows the power embedded in him as he swiftly lands two huge slap on the man.

Another police officer was also seen assaulting a lady that comes along with the man in a car, a situation many has referred to as an uncalled for by the police officers.

Watch the video below;


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See reactions below;

femiadebayosalami: This is uncalled for! No! No! No!

ebuka_21: Make them just legalize gun cause if I have a gun in this situation this police man is going down.

nevharrison: When you wonder where Nigerians get the courage from to laugh whenever they see uniform people getting k*lled, this video is evidence.

osa4gold: Funny enough. Apart from the gun and uniform that is giving them power most Nigerian policemen can’t run a 100 meter race or do 20 push ups.

iamkennybaby: now is, how this police children go feel seeing their parents treating people like this 😢😢.

obaadelekeleke: if ur surname no carry weight , if u no sabi correct people for Naija .. abeg to avoid untimely de*th or harassment like this .. no just follow police argue.

ana_lytica: Same people supporting Apc government are still same people shouting in this comment section. E neva clear for una eye yet e go still clear.

follycardo: Slapping me in Presence of my wife and probably my kids ? Without saying a word MR officer 👮‍♀️, You won’t scale through that year in Peace ☮️!! From One Calamity to the other, Circumstances, Negative situationships, Calamity and Catastrophe for you and yours till you take your last breath ! Mercy of God won’t be available to save you! You sinned against my innocency and the wages is …. “You already know” ADABI LOKU!!!! Eyin Oloriburuku EDA ! 😡 Mtcheww .

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