“This is toxic and draining” Sandra Iheuwa calls out her ex-husband for falsely accusing her in court (Video)

Sandra Iheuwa, the ex-wife of Royal hair boss, Steve Thompson has called him out over an alleged false accusation he laid against her in court.

The estranged couple, whose divorce have been messy, have been ironing out their drama in court.

In a post on her Instagram page, Sandra lamented over how her ex who has publicly stated that he doesn’t want her back has been feeding the court false reports about her.

She revealed that her estranged husband had lied to the court that she was in South Africa with a man and even went as far as telling the court about a raunchy video he saw of them on the internet.

The mother of four claimed that he went on to call her a gold digger.

Calling him out for his toxicity, Sandra expressed how drained and tired she is over their messy split.

“Na you say you no want, you say I be bad person. Na you say you don move on….na you come disgrace me for social media….but you run go court today say in South African with man even mentioned the man’s name say the man dey press my yansh for social media. Even saying I he hold digger, which gold you get I dey dig? Dan if I do, damn if I don’t… This toxic and draining….I’m tired”.


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Sandra Iheuwa calls out Steve Thompson

Jaratunes reported that Sandra Iheuwa had vented out over the hatred Steve had for her and her son.

She pointed out how he was trying to use her past against her and fabricating lies against her.

In a series of post on her Instagram page, she questioned who would fight for her and her son, if she doesn’t do so herself.

She revealed how she tried to make peace with him privately and how she tried convincing him to see and acknowledge his son.

She, stated that he was bent on destroying her to the extend of threatening her.

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