“There Is No Such Thing as Too Old”: Nigerian Woman in Her 40s Gets Married, Photos With Flower Girls Go Viral

Congratulations are in order for a Nigerian woman in her 40s as she walked down the aisle in style

A good friend of the new bride spoke on how their journey, which started as a prayer group, grew into a deep sisterhood

The woman said the bride’s union demonstrates that there is no such thing as too old and that joy does not discriminate

A Nigerian woman in her 40s is off the singles market as she finally tied the knot.

Author and biz-tech enthusiast Sola Adesakin, who shared the lovely development on Twitter, said she and her friends were flower girls for the occasion.

Sola said their journey started as a prayer group but then metamorphosed into a deep sisterhood through which they supported each other positively in different aspects of their lives.

She added that her friend’s story shows there is nothing like being too old and that joy does not discriminate, as it is complete and fulfilling when it comes.

Social media users celebrated the latest bride in town with kind words. \

See Sola Adesakin’s tweet below: 

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