‘The only person bigger than me in Lagos’ Toke Makinwa reacts after Bobrisky makes shocking revelation about extravagant lifestyle

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Media personality Toke Makinwa has reacted to Bobrisky’s revelation about her extravagant lifestyle.

Toke revealed this on her Instagram story after she had Bobrisky on her how called Tokemoments.

Toke Makinwa was likely amazed by the fascinating information Bobrisky revealed during their appearance together on her program.

Although Toke Makinwa expressed her gratitude for Bobrisky’s appearance, referring to him as the “mummy of Lagos,” she also acknowledged that Bobrisky is probably the only person in Lagos, Nigeria, who is more prominent than she is.

She wrote: The only person bigger than me in Lagos.

‘I have 700 wigs and spend 40 million naira on jewelry every 6 months’- Bobrisky

Bobrisky, recently made a surprising revelation regarding his fashion sense.

The media personality made it known on Toke moments a show hosted by Toke Makinwa. He noted his love for for wigs and Jewries.

According to Bobrisky, he cannot accurately determine the quantity of wigs he owns. Nevertheless, Toke Makinwa persuaded him to estimate the number, and he disclosed that he possesses more than 700 wigs at his residence.

Bobrisky stated that he changes his jewelry every six months when he becomes bored with them and spends more than 40 million naira on this. He said: I love jewelry a lot in fact it is number one on my list.

Toke Makinwa slams man for being obsessed with her huge backside

Toke Makinwa recently slammed a man for obsessing over her derriere.

Since acquiring a new figure, Toke Makinwa has been causing commotion on social media.

Toke had shared a photo online showing off her enviable curves and derriere and a male troll had mocked her.

Mocking her, he stated that her ass was strong. “Strong ass”.

Replying him, Toke Makinwa reminded him that he can never it as she called out his obsession with her ass.

“Your obsession with my ass is ins@ne, you won’t ever have it booboo, let it go”.

Toke Makinwa ridiculed as she shows off her backside

Jaratunes reported that weeks back, Toke Makinwa had caused a stir online as she showed off her enhanced figure.

It is no longer news that Toke Makinwa is among the many celebrities who have gone under the knife and one of the few who has boldly admitted to surgery and isn’t ashamed of speaking about it.

The actress trended online as she shared a video of her showing off her huge backside.

This had set the internet ablaze as many questioned the doctor who did her

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