“Thanks for always being my pillar” Mide Martins appreciates husband, Afeez Owo as he surprises her on set (Video)

Beloved celebrity couple, Mide Martins and Afeez Owo, are one of Nollywood’s favorite couple who continue to weather the storm to make their union work.

Mide Martins, who never ceases to appreciate her husband for being a good support system, has once again penned an appreciation note to him.

Describing him as her playmate, Mide Martins appreciated him for supporting her during Ewamide shoot.

She further thanked him for being her pillar.

“My hubby my playmate. See who came to support during Ewamide shoot. Thanks for always my pillar”.

This isn’t the first time, Mide Martins would describe her husband as her pillar.

Mide Martins pens sweet birthday message to her husband, Afeez Owo

On his birthday last year, Mide Martins went all out for her husband.

The actress who couldn’t keep calm about her husband’s big day took to her Instagram page to pen a sweet birthday message to him.

Mide Martins described Afeez Owo as her pillar and the love of her life.

She wrote, “Happy Birthday to my Pillar. The love of my life is +1 today”.

Mide Martins makes a vow to her husband, Afeez Owo

In another post, Mide Martins had made a vow to Afeez Owo.

Mide Martins described her husband as her better half as she shared another beautiful photo of herself and her husband donning a wedding outfit.

Over the years, Mide Martins and her husband have surmounted allegations of infidelity and continued to wax strong in their marriage, which has prompted the actress to affirm she is indebted to love her husband forever.


Mide Martins pens appreciation post to her husband

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