Viral Video: TB Joshua challenges Lucifer possessed woman during church service (WATCH)


A video showing Prophet TB Joshua challenging a woman who claims to be Lucifer has surfaced on the internet and is fast going viral.

The video which was shared by Bizzle Osikoya shows TB Joshua, the leader and founder of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations challenging a woman who claims to be possessed by Lucifer to bow before Jesus whose authority he possesses.

See conversation between the two

Woman: Have you ever seen anybody talking to me standing? hhhmmm

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TB Joshua: Now can you introduce yourself? Who are you

Woman: I am Lucifer

TB Joshua: Come here in the name of Jesus

Woman: I am not coming

TB Joshua: Jesus is greater than you. You are powerless in the face of Jesus! Now I comand you, in the name of Jesus come here!

Woman: I cam for revenge



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