I got sexually harassed during Umrah/Hajj, wearing abaya and hijab – Lady cries out


A Muslim lady took to her social media page, ” Haya” to reveal how she was sexually harassed during Umrah, wearing an abaya and hijab and in full modesty.

The lady made this revelation in reaction to a post by another user who wrote “Alhamdulilah for the hijab and modesty in Islam. Alhamdulilah for lowering the gaze” explaining that the problem is not how people are dressed.

She wrote;

i got sexually harassed during umrah, while I was wearing an abaya and hijab with full modesty ??? men are the problem, women will get sexually harassed no matter what !! blame men, not the clothing.

it’s super inconsiderate that some of you guys are implying that I’m lying for clout, wallah this actually happened to me and many other women who’ve reached out to me in DMS, it’s way more common that you dumbasses think, anywho #FreePalestine

the fact that SO many women are quoting and dming me with their similar experiences, and yet some men are still denying the fact that this is a real problem that happens during umrah/hajj , and again, islam is not the problem , the people are !!

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