Did TikTok block #BlackLivesMatter & #GeorgeFloyd Tag?


TikTok has been accused of blocking “#BlackLivesMatter tag and every single tag related to George Floyd,” in a tweet that went viral.

The tweet showed a screenshot of a user’s attempt to add hashtags to a TikTok only to find that #BlackLivesMatter and #GeorgeFloyd appeared to have no videos.

Reacting to this claim, TikTok disclosed that the problems have been identified as a, “pre-upload issue,” according to a TikTok spokesperson, adding that, “the hashtags and videos themselves were not affected.”

When users tried to upload videos and add #BlackLivesMatter or #GeorgeFloyd hashtags, the tags’ view count appeared as zero, despite the scale of the conversations surrounding police brutality and racism taking place on the platform.

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TikTok Support says this glitch affects a range of non-political tags, as well, such as #cat and #hello. These tags are still all searchable and the video-count for each does appear to be accurate when you search them on TikTok or click through from a video. However, they don’t load when you’re in the midst of uploading and tagging content.

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