‘Social media don’t deserve my real life’ DJ Cuppy’s fiance, Ryan Taylor shares cryptic post

British boxer, Ryan Taylor, the fiance of Nigerian disk Jockey, DJ Cuppy has shared a cryptic post on his Instagram page.

Ryan who is also a rapper shared a picture of himself in his care alongside a cryptic post under a locked comment section. He wrote: “Social media don’t deserve my real life. Alhamdoullilah for everything.”

The entrepreneur’s cryptic post is appalling as he has enjoyed more relevance on social media since he began dating DJ Cuppy.

DJ Cuppy and Ryan Taylor’s love story

DJ Cuppy and Ryan Taylor began their love story in a surprising manner after the former took to social media on  Friday night, November 19th to announce that she said yes to her lover.

Prior to her engagement, DJ Cuppy had always cried out over her inability to get a man who loves her genuinely. She had received advances from different shaded of men who are either truly interested in her or want her for her money.

A few days after her engagement, a video made rounds on social media portraying Ryan as a cheat after being involved with a UK influencer, Fiona Michelle.

Reacting to the video, DJ Cuppy noted that nothing is going to break her love for Ryan. She went on to reveal that she met her fiance just twenty-five days before he proposed to her.

Ryan Taylor hails fiancee, DJ Cuppy for being supportive after he quit boxing match

Jaratunes recalls that Ryan Taylor hailed his fiancee, DJ Cuppy for showing him support after he quit his boxing match.

On Saturday, 14th January, Ryan ended a boxing bout with his opponent Brandon Scott professionally known as Swarms after he received a punch in the eye in the first round at the OVO Arena Wembley in London.

Taking to his Instagram page, Ryan shared loved-up pictures of himself and his fiancee and other backstage events. Ryan reflected on the outcome of the march, expressing confusion about what went wrong and feeling sad, making it difficult for him to continue the march.

Ryan also hailed his fiancee DJ Cuppy for being supportive despite his quitting. He revealed that DJ Cuppy counselled him not to stress about matters beyond his control. He also expressed thankfulness to others and his team for their backing.

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