‘She wore it better’ Fans react after Timi Dakolo shares adorable picture of his daughter Zoe rocking his cloth‘She wore it better’ Fans react after Timi Dakolo shares adorable picture of his daughter Zoe rocking his cloth

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Nigeria singer and songwriter Timi Dakolo has fans drooling over his daughter, Zoe rocking his cloth.

Recall that the singer had posted a picture of himself on his page wearing an orange outfit. Timi Dakolo went on to post a picture of his daughter wearing thesame cloth.

The father of three cutely noted that his daughter is now wearing his clothes. He further revealed his intentions for her going forward.

Timi Dakolo conveyed a sense of closeness and camaraderie with his daughter, implying that they have a good relationship to the point where they can share clothes and treat each other like siblings.

He wrote: @zoedakolo can now wear my clothes, it’s all over. We’re now sibling. We would be billing each other. We are siblings. #yardpeople

Fans reactions

Sharonooja wrote: Carry on queen Zoe we have your back wear all his clothes

Another user wrote: That means any new clothes you buy must be hidden…. but where u wan hide the clothes whey she nor go sef?? just buy one for yourself and another one for her

A user wrote: And she wore it better….. how go you go wear person cloth con fine pass the owner

A user penned: She even rocked it better

Drama as Timi Dakolo’s daughter, Zoe demands house allowance

It will be recalled that sometimes last year, Timi Dakolo had an interesting conversation with his second daughter and last born, Zoe Dakolo.

The father of three, Timi Dakolo, shared a WhatsApp exchange he had with Zoe who demanded the sum of £150 to go out and enjoy herself.

Timi Dakolo tried to explain that Zoe that £150 is about #150,000 and quite a lot of money but she was relentless in her pursuit of what she wanted.

When her father mentioned that it was time for her to start earning money, she quickly came up with the suggestion to have him pay her for chores she did around the house and for baking, adding that she didn’t have baking supplies at the moment and would need to get those.

Quite shocked, her father responded that she was serious about getting paid for doing chores in her own house and she insisted that it was a viable solution.

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