Reaction as Johnny Drille sparks dating rumor with ‘far from home star’, Rahila

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Nigerian singer John Ighodaro, known as Johnny Drille, has caused a stir among fans with his latest music video, which features popular actress Rahila from the movie ‘Far from Home’.

The video depicts the two stars in a loving and romantic relationship, which has sparked rumors that they may be dating in real life.

An exchange between himself and Rahila (Tomi Ojo) in 2019 resurfaced on twitter. In the exchange, Johnny had shared a photo of himself with the caption “Future Dad!” to which Rahila responded, “…of Tomi’s children “. Johnny then quoted Rahila’s tweet with “Full circle “, which has caused a frenzy among his female fans.

These tweets have led many to believe that there may have been a connection between the two stars for some time. Fans have taken to social media to share their reactions to the possible romance, with some expressing excitement and others feeling surprised by the unexpected pairing.

Regardless of whether the rumors are true or not, it is clear that Johnny Drille and Tomi Ojo have sparked a great deal of interest among their fans. Only time will tell if the two are truly an item, but for now, their followers are eagerly awaiting any further developments.

Cuttieella wrote: Make me believe that, this is just for music promotion and nothing else.

peterobifanpage: Wetin we single people go come do like this.

Maryjane wrote: For this emotional torture and breaking of heart. Johnny you will hear from my lawyer.

Singer Johnny Drille demands justice over the embarrassing thing a nurse did to him

The singer recently demanded justice for what a medical professional did to him.

According to him, when he wasn’t feeling well, a nurse at the hospital gave him some injections in his buttocks.

Afterwards, she whispered to him that she was a huge fan of his.

Now, the singer feels shy knowing fully well that she would look at him differently at his next show.

Johnny Drille added that she had seen his sacred buttocks.

“A sad story.

I need justice”.

“Last week when I wasn’t feeling well a nurse at the hospital gave me some injection on my bum bum, afterwards she came and whispered to me that she was a fan. I’m pretty sure if she’s at my next show she’d look at me differently, she’s seen the very sacred JD bum bum.

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