Reaction as Don Jazzy blesses struggling student with 500,000 naira

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Mavins Director and popular music producer Don Jazzy has unexpectedly gifted a frustrated university with a huge sum of money after he cried out.

In a question and answer session a student reached out to Don Jazzy, sharing his struggles with the difficulties of school and feeling overwhelmed by the challenges he was facing.

The student, who remains unidentified, expressed being at a breaking point and in desperate need of a comforting hug from Don Jazzy.

The fan wrote: Currently going through it at school. Almost at my breaking point with literally everything. I need a big hug.

Don Jazzy responded with empathy, showing his support and understanding towards the student. He went on to offer a virtual “hug” of ₦500,000 and requested the student’s bank account details to make the transfer.

The generous act by Don Jazzy has been well-received by his fans and followers, demonstrating his kind-hearted nature and willingness to assist those going through tough times.

Praises pour in for Don Jazzy as he gives over 2 million naira to people in need

Jaratunes recalls that Don Jazzy recently gave out over 2 million naira to his Twitter fans in the space of 24 hours.

Don Jazzy has been seen replying to fans randomly as they ask for assistance for one thing or another.

He sent a million naira to a homeless man who asked for help, and at another point, he gave out 800 thousand naira to one Oolajuwonlo who needed help with school fees.

The amount he spent between yesterday and the time of reporting is said to be over two million naira. Praises have poured in for the singer-turned-producer.

Nazd wrote: That’s very good Thanks @DONJAZZY for that.’Nazd wrote: That’s very good Thanks @DONJAZZY for that.

Don Jazzy helps fan’s career as he blesses him with N250k

Don Jazzy blessed a fan with a new camera. The fan, identified as Samtussy, had reached out to the Mavins founder via the micro-blogging platform Twitter to help him get a new camera.

The fan was pleased with him to help his career with a camera as he can’t afford it.

“Don Jazzy, I hope you see this, pls help my career, couldn’t afford this boss”.

Surprisingly, Don Jazzy had offered to help him with 250,000. The Mavins founder promised to help him after his meeting.

He replied, “Sure I will send you 250k. I dey enter meeting now”.

In an update to it, Don Jazzy stated that he had kept to his promise and had credited him with the said amount. “Done, boss”.

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