Photos of President Buhari performing Umrah in Saudi Arabia gets many talking

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A viral photo of President Muhammad Buhari, the president of Nigeria, performing Umrah (lesser Hajj) has created a buzz online.

The president is currently in Saudi Arabia with his delegation and was spotted at the Masjid Al-Haram in Makkah, performing Umrah.

The photos of him which surfaced online have left many questioning the President’s real identity.

President Buhari, in the photos, looked way more different than the president we have come to know for years now.

Noticing the difference, netizens took to the comment section of blogs to give their two cents.

One Love doctor fab wrote, “This doesn’t look like Buhari tho. A very important piece of information is missing. But no be me go talk am. Make I go drink Brb.

One Futball Punter wrote, “Clothes dey cover things o

One Nigerian in Germany wrote, “How many Buhari do we even have? Maybe I need to wash my face well

One De Prime wrote, “Na our president be like Okrika like this.

One Theoden Macgerald wrote, “Buhari resemble all those Lebanese beggars for Apapa

This isn’t the first time the President’s identity has been questioned.

Buhari sparks commotion at Peter Obi’s presidential homecoming campaign

Jaratunes reported that a video of President Buhari’s doppelganger dancing heartily at Peter Obi’s presidential homecoming campaign had trended on social media.

In the video, the “Buhari”s followers were heard chanting and hailing him “Buhari, Buhari, Buhari…Alhaji Buhari, his excellency Buhari”‘

The video sparked different reactions on social media.

One Kola wrote “This must be the Jubril they’ve been talking about”

One Sidney wrote “With the way many people look exactly like Buhari… That conspiracy theory might be true”

One Daphne wrote “For a minute I thought that was Buhari but Bubu doesn’t have this kind of energy “

This came weeks after, President Muhammadu Buhari said jokes that claimed he was dead and ‘Jibril Aminu from Sudan’ was occupying Aso Rock were not funny.

The President said some Nigerians had a way of creating humor to feast on something they do not understand, adding that the rumor that he was dead and one Jubril from Sudan was the work of some mischief makers to demonstrate their cheekiness.

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