“Pedophile in the making” Biodun Okeowo blows hot over an insensitive comment a man made about her daughter

Nollywood actress, Biodun Okeowo has slammed a male fan over the insensitive comment he left on her page about her daughter.

The actress who went all out for her daughter’s 19th birthday on Monday, shared a screenshot of a comment made by a mae fan.

The fan was hoping that her 19-years-old daughter, Ifeoluwa, don’t end up going under the knife.

“Hope she wouldn’t do yansh soon”, the male fan identified as 2unde007 wrote.

Reacting to it, Biodun stated that she can’t develop a thick skin to such comment, especially when it’s about her daughter.

She avowed that a campaign should start against social media trolls and bullies.

“Please I won’t appreciate any sort of admonitions like “you have time o, just leave them” you need to develop a thick skin. Yes I developed it, but it’s now tearing.

My thick skin is now thin!

Leaving them to constitute nuisance and hurt people freely hiding under keypads here today. It’s now becoming so hard to curb trolls and bullies. They have grown wings…

I strongly feel a campaign should start against social media trolls and bullies.

Imagine what this pedophile in making commented on a post I made for my daughter (who knows if he is one already). Out of everything, the only thing his dirty mind went to is Yash.

See you carrying your own daughter…how will you feel? If someone said such to you? Celebrities are human too o! Let’s stop being inseny, it’s totally unfair!

Olorun ma ko e Tunde!”

My daughter must marry as a virgin – Biodun Okeowo brags

Last year, Biodun Okeowo, aka Omoborty had revealed that her daughter must marry undefiled and have her marriage built on the altar of purity.

The movie star made this known while reacting to an Instagram user who claimed virginity at 25 is an embarrassment and nothing to be proud about.

On her part, Biodun Okeowo pleaded with her then 18 year old daughter, Boluwatife Okeowo not to listen to such statement, but keep her virginity till wedding night.

“My daughter if you are seeing this post don’t mind her oh. Keeping your virginity till the day you say ‘I do’ is not shameful,” she wrote.

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