‘Paying €6k per night for my hotel got y’all angry’ Sophia Egbueje brags as she throws shades

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Sophia Egbueje, the ex-girlfriend of Nigerian billionaire and socialite Jowi Zaza, has thrown a shade as she brags about her finance.

The socialist took to her snapchat to rant as well as brag about her luxurious lifestyle. Sophia noted that the only thing Nigerian ladies know how to do is ask for money from men.

Sophia expressed her frustration with the continuous criticism she receives for the lifestyle she leads. However, she also boasted that her current life is exactly what she had always envisioned. ‘I’m living the life I manifested she wrote.

She wrote: “Paying 6k pounds per night for my hotel got y’all m*d. Someone hand me a face mask cus I guess this broke sh$t contagious fr…

She continued: I’m living most of y’all life goals. I’m talking 20 years of working/owning a business life goals.

Nothing goes past s@x and man for y’all especially in Lagos. I can’t go out with my make friends cus y’all finna stir sh%t up.”

Ex-girlfriend, Sophia Egbueje drags Mercy Eke’s alleged lover over his new girlfriend

Jaratunes News earlier reported that on Saturday 12th March 2022, controversial Instagram blogger, Gistlovers unveiled a lady identified as Cherri as the actual girlfriend of Jowi Zaza.

There have been speculations that Jowi Zaza is responsible for the frivolous lifestyle of Mercy Eke, a piece of news she never debunked.

On Sunday, 13th March 2022, Jowi Zaza and his new girlfriend were spotted at an event alongside some political officeholders.

Reacting to the viral photos, Sophia Egbueje, in a post shared on Instagram, slammed those labelling her an escort to Jowi Zaza.

Sophia Ebgueje bragged about being the highest-paid escort in Nigeria adding that some people can be very hateful.

She added that people should try not settling for less in a relationship to relate and not confuse living a peaceful life for an escort.

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