Man who jumped off third mainland bridge into lagoon reveals why he did it


The man who was rescued after he jumped over the 3rd mainland bridge into the Lagos Lagoon has revealed his reason for wanting to take his life.

The 28-year-old man, Princewill David jumped into the Lagos Lagoon but thanks to the driver of the cab and the Rapid Response Squad (Lagos State Police Command) intervention, he was rescued.

At around midnight, David, a resident of 42, Tajudeen Balogun Street, Igando, took the dive after his lover broke up with him. The Foreign Exchange (FOREX) dealer was said to have requested a hailing taxi service only to tell the driver to stop midway through the bridge for him to urinate.

According to the Nation, the driver turned down his request following the recent trend of passengers on a suicide mission, asking drivers to stop for them to pee only to jump into the water. The driver increased his speed until he sighted operatives of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) on the pin-down operation towards Adeniji before he slowed down.

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As soon as the driver slowed down, David was said to have jumped off the car and into the lagoon where he landed on logs of wood.

It was gathered that the policemen quickly went after him, rescued and rushed him to the hospital.

David was said to have fractured his legs and sustained other body injuries as a result of the jump.

According to a source, the driver said David insisted he should pass Third Mainland Bridge after he picked him up at Igando.

“He asked the driver if they were on Third Mainland Bridge when they got there and he said yes.

“The man then said the driver should stop the car so he can pee but the driver refused and sped off.

“The driver said the man was forcing him to wait but because of reports of people jumping into the water after lying that they want to pee, he increased his speed and only slowed down when he saw RRS.

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“But before the driver reached where the policemen were to complain, the man ran off the vehicle and jumped into the water.

“One of the policemen saw him approach the railings and pleaded with him not to jump but the guy went ahead. Fortunately, he landed on logs of wood and the policemen with the help of local fishermen rescued him.

“He broke his legs and sustained other injuries. He was rushed to the hospital where he is still being treated.

“They asked why he wanted to kill himself and he said it was because his girlfriend said she was no longer interested in him,” the source said.

Confirming the incident, police spokesman Bala Elkana said the victim was responding to treatment at the hospital, adding that he said heartbreak led him to attempt suicide.


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