“Never been afraid of starting afresh” Yvonne Jegede says as she jumps on new challenge (Video)

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Nollywood actress, Yvonne Jegede is counting her blessings.

The single mother of one, while joining the #39years challenge, reflected on her humble beginnings.

Counting her blessings, Yvonne stated that she has never been afraid of starting afresh or of her humble beginnings.

For her, she is here to live and have fun and she will not go a day without laughter.

“I had to jump on this challenge man. My life has been a blessing. Never be afraid of starting afresh. Not afraid of humble beginnings. For me, um here to live and have fun and I will not go a day without laughter”.


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Yvonne Jegede spills on the challenges of being a single mum

Recall that Yvonne Jegede had disclosed that her ex-husband, Olakunle Fawole is a deadbeat father who hasn’t shown any form of support or interest in the life of their son, Xavier.

Opening up in a conversation with Mercy Johnson on her cook show, Yvonne Jegede recounted how Olakunle Fawole only showed up once to see the child after she gave him an ultimatum of withdrawing his surname.

Going down memory lane on how they fell in love, Yvonne Jegede disclosed that he was an amazing friend but their marriage just didn’t work out.

Speaking about where the ex-lovers stand now, she said,

“Olakunle and I don’t talk now, he doesn’t call or talk to his son. It is funny how we once had a solid friendship aside from the marriage but I don’t know how it all went off the radar.

The first time he publicly accepted the son when he was 5 months old was when I gave him an ultimatum that I will remove his surname once the boy turns 5.

Thankfully, I had given him a compound name, Xavier Jegede Fawole, and I threatened that I will remove the Fawole and leave just the Jegede since I am solely raising him.

That was what made him come then to carry the son when he was 5 months old, took photos, and posted them on social media, and since then not show. “

Yvonne spills further on Olakunle being a deadbeat father

Yvonne Jegede further revealed that “He doesn’t wish him a happy birthday on his birthdays. He doesn’t call him to ask about his well-being, he just doesn’t care that he has a son somewhere.

“Your gift is in my hand yet you don’t care. You see, one moment I dreaded the most is for my child to wake up one day and ask where is my father and it started happening.

One day when he asked, I had to send messages to his siblings to ask him to come and check up on him but it yielded no result.

It was so bad that my father had to represent my son at school for a Father’s Day event they recently had, it was embarrassing for me but I’m waiting to see when he will show up or if he wouldn’t till the boy turns 18.

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