‘Never be afraid to snatch a good man’ Sarah Martins stirs reaction as she gives watery relationship advice

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Nigerian Actress, Model and Entrepreneur Sarah Martins has sparked reaction with her latest relationship advise.

On Instagram, Sarah made a controversial comment advising women to never be afraid of stealing someone else’s partner, as long as the other woman is “lousy and careless”.

Sarah also suggested that men deserve love and gave the same advice to male gender.

She wrote: Never be afraid to snatch a good man from a lousy and careless woman! He deserves to be loved, right… The same goes to women… Nobody is above snatching because everyone deserve to be loved right.

However, this comment sparked a reaction from people who sparked a reaction from people, and they did not take it lightly with her.

People’s reaction to her comment

Babajide wrote: Upcoming Hajia Minnah with the H

Blackgirlcharm wrote: Onye oshi amu.

Stansbnx penned: If you can easily be snatched then you ain’t worthy of keeping.

Aubiegembuk commented: May we NOT be the home wrecker in a lovely home.
May we NOT bring tears, pains, embarrassment, and agony to another woman.
May we find our own “ single” husband, and may we build our home with him. Amen.

Nellobrown wrote: Since she has been snatching,Which one don carry her enter house even as the 99th wife?

Luchi_store1 penned: Keep snatching till you snatch principalities and power

Fans clap back at Sarah Martins for giving unnecessary life advice

It will be recalled that Sarah Martins came under fire for giving her fans ‘unsolicited life advice’ in an Instagram post.

Sarah earlier shared her thoughts on friendships and relationships, which may have been perceived as harsh words. The actress advised people to disconnect from people that do not add value to their lives.

She wrote: Everyone in your circle can’t go with you to the next place. Sometimes, their exit makes the load lighter so you can get there faster. Learn to disconnect from people that doesn’t add to your life.

However, some fans who have been dragging her since the Yul and wife incident did not waste time to drag her again.

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