“My whole life has just turned into a constant vacation”, DJ Cuppy brags about her life at 30

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Florence Otedola, better known as DJ Cuppy, has spoken about her life since she clocked the age of 30 months ago.

On Instagram, Cuppy shared videos of herself and her fiance vacationing in an undisclosed location with a bragging caption.

Cuppy bragged about how she had been going from one vacation to another since she clocked the age of 30.

She wrote, “Since I turned 30 years old, my whole life has just turned into a constant vacation.”

DJ Cuppy reveals her bucket list

Jaratunes recalls that DJ Cuppy revealed her top bucket list when she was gearing up for her 30th birthday.

The daughter of billionaire Otedola disclosed that she is dedicating the next chapter of her life to her family.

She would prioritise family and work towards being a better sister and daughter.

Sharing photos of her and her brother, Fewa Otedola, with their mum, Nana Otedola, she captioned it with, “This year, I’m going intentionally be a better sister and a better daughter. Work is work, but family is for life. I’m going to be 30 this year, and maturity comes when you stop making excuses, and you start making changes

Cuppy pens an emotional tribute to her elder sister, Tolani

Jaratunes recalls that Cuppy melted the hearts of thousands when she penned an emotional birthday tribute to her eldest sister, Tolani Otedola.

Cuppy described Tolani as the only one who has had so much influence on the woman she is. She revealed how Tolani came through for her whenever she was in need, stating she has been her leader and lover.

“Happy birthday, @tolani. My sweet older sister….the person that had had so much influence on the woman I am today.

I just want to remind you to never question how much I cherish you… In times when our parents have come short, you have been that Leadership and Lover in my life.

Now be selfish and spoil yourself! I want to celebrate you and just remind you how much I love you and how proud I am”.

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