‘My mother-in-law loves me so much’ Anita Joseph speaks on the love she enjoys in her marriage with MC Fish

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Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph better known has shed light on her marriage with comedian, Fisayo Michael Olagunju better known as MC Fish and how much she is deeply cherished by her mother-in-law.

In a recent interview, Anita Joseph better known as Mother Hen recalled how she was convinced she was going to end up with her husband and the first words he said to her. She said:

“I knew we were going to get married during our first year of being together. We were always talking about the future. Whenever a man talks about the future of his partner all the time, that shows that he is seeing the partner in the future. I realised that he always spoke about what we would do in the next 10, 20 and 30 years. When I visualised it, I realised that I also saw him in my future, too. That was when it really struck me that we were eventually going to get married. But, I kept praying about it as well to get God’s backing. In whatever decision I make, I pray; prayers guide me a lot.”

Recalling the most precious moment on her wedding day with MC Fish, Anita Joseph said she enjoyed the genuine love between the two families who have since become one despite coming from different tribes. She went on to reveal the special bond she shares with her mother-in-law. She said:

“I enjoyed mostly the acceptance and the love between my family and my husband’s family. My mother-in-law loves me so much and I love her too. It was so beautiful and overwhelming.”

Anita Joseph went on to unravel the kind of man she is married to. She said “My husband is kind. He is a good man with a good heart. He is respectful. He respects and loves me a lot. Anything that will make me happy is what he does.”

The actress who was trolled a few days back for not having kids in her marriage after three years of marriage dived into how she balances her career and her home. She said:

“I balance my career and home by prioritising my time. There is time for everything. I give my home my time because my home needs me now more than my career. I have been doing this job for a very long time, and by God’s grace, I have been successful in my career. I am known all over the continent; I am not a beginner anymore. I devote more time to my home than my career now. My marriage is just three years old and needs building as well. It has been beautiful. When it is time to be home, I am fully home. I don’t bring work home. No, I don’t.”

Anita Joseph pours out her heart as she celebrates hubby’s birthday

Jaratunes reported that Anita Joseph is no doubt a romantic wife as she went all out in her birthday note to her husband, MC Fish.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, Anita Joseph poured out her heart to God and made her request known to him. She revealed that she has begged him to bless her husband’s life with her in it for only God can do such.

The actress described her husband as her love, partner in Christ, forever crush, playmate, confidant and more. She also appreciated God for the life of his mother who raised him well, for all his accomplishments and for paving a way for her man.

Praying for him, she wrote, “My husband my king my prayer partner.
The LOVE of my gorgeous life. My partner in Christ. My forever crush. My playmate my confidant, My videographer my photographer my director. My love here’s to more happy years pappy.
I’ve begged God Almighty to Bless your life with me in it. For I do not know any High Priest who can do what only God can do. Jehovah thank you for this man you have blessed me with”.
Thank you for his Mum (my Mum). Who raised him so well. Thank you for bringing him this far and all these accomplishments Amen. Thank you for always and always paving ways for him thank you Lord. Oko mi may this year be remarkable in your life. Amen.
Good health wealth is yours Amen. Shallom. I love you MOG”.


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