Monalisa Stephen comes under fire for revealing details of her sex life

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Nigerian body positivity advocate and actress Monalisa Stephen has received a lot of backlash from fans after she gave imagery of what happens in her bedroom.

In a popular podcast called honest bunch, Monalisa, while in the company of media personality Nedu and others revealed that her boyfriend goes down on her while she is on her period.

She noted that, at first was not on okay with it; however, as he continued overtime, she realised that her boyfriend was showing his love and was ready to love everything that came out of her body.

“My boyfriend use to go down on me when I am on my period. The first time, I did not know what he was trying to prove then he did it again and again” she said.

The video where she made this revelation has been making rounds on social media, and people are not very pleased with it.

People’s reactions on Monalisa’s comments

Solomon buchi wrote: There are things we should never know, and that’s what happens in your bedroom.

One xclusivebby wrote: How can someone just come online to cap rubbish

One Olayanju wrote: Werey asaba saying nonsense just to trend

One Ayoade wrote: I go write petition to stop this podcast

One Iamnekkyb: Even the devil will be shocked at this lies

One jxakhim penned: it used to do me like my IQ is reducing every time i see or listen to d#mb sh%t like this. agbalagba

one celiaokechukwu wrote: Some things shouldn’t be spoken out loud. But then again, what do I know??

One do_rahh penned: You and ur boyfriend need help! Na all these things make Nedu dey insult girls everyday

Ihumieade angrily wrote: That’s your personal issue not for the public. una no get family members ni

Madeboss penned: Just to be relevant nonsense society

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