Mabel Makun reacts to Basketmouth’s bombshell revelation about her husband, AY

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Mabel Makun, the wife of comedian and actor, Ayo Makun seems to have inserted herself into the longtime beef between her husband and Basketmouth.

Jaratunes reported last night that the famous Nigerian comedian had addressed the long-time beef he had with AY.

Basketmouth, during a podcast with the Honest Bunch crew, disclosed what transpired between himself and AY that made him call off their friendship.

Basket mouth revealed that he and AY had never been friends and they have never had any close or personal relationship with him

He also disclosed that he came in contact with AY through comedy king, Ali Baba, and he had never mentored him before.

Basketmouth claimed something else, which he will not disclose, happened between him and AY, and no client was involved in their feud.

The father of three alleged that AY was using lies about their feud to promote his upcoming show, stating that is his usual style.

Reacting to it, Mabel Makun took to her Instagram page to share a cryptic post, which seemed like a shade to Basketmouth, especially with the timing.

Mabel stated that she has come to realize that some people aggressively pass information because they know no other way.

She added that everyone can’t be soft-spoken, as such, people should be understanding and learn to hold their peace.

“Everyone can’t be soft-spoken. Understand this and know peace”.

Basketmouth’s bombshell revelation came as a surprise as the divorcee had early stated that he wouldn’t comment on their altercation.

Basketmouth finally speaks on his beef with Ay Makun

While performing at an event, guests at the event urged him to speak on their beef and address AY’s claims that N30,000 is the reason for their beef.

Unfortunately, the comedian stated that he doesn’t want AY to ever hear from him.

He admitted that though he wants to speak on it, he knows that many would record it and leak it online.

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