“Loving the new carefree me” Omotola Ekeinde gushes over self

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Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde has praised herself for embracing a new personality.

The mother of four, who turned 45 weeks back, gushed over her new carefree lifestyle as she shared a photo of her and her husband looking goofy.

According to the pilot’s wife, she is loving her new carefree life as she noted how people only live once.

Omotola added that the photo was taken on her husband’s Huawei phone.

Sarcastically mocking him, Omotola stated that her husband is the only one she knows who still uses and clings to Huawei, and hardly touches his iPhone.

“We only live once. Heck… Loving this new carefree moi…

Or was it the silly alcohol?
Who cares….might delete it later but for now…heyyyy

P.S. These pictures are taken by Capt’s #huwaei phone! The dude is the only one I know who used and clings to one….he hardly touches his iPhone! They should endorse him!”.

Omotola Ekeinde reveals the unique qualities she has embraced as she ages

Jaratunes reported that Omotola Ekeinde ages and the movie star is embracing some outstanding attributes/qualities.

The entrepreneur revealed that she had learned to be calmer and more confident.

According to Omotola, she is surprised at the new being she is turning into, as she is no longer fussy.

Praising herself, Omotola stated that she loves the woman she is becoming.

How living in the US has made me deeply frustrated” Omotola Ekeinde speaks out

In other news, Omotola Ekeinde, who relocated to the US with her family last year, had spoken out on how living overseas changed her.

The mother of four, in a post on her Instagram story, revealed that spending two years in the US had made her see many things Nigerians managed and let slide.

Omotola expressed how frustrated she is at the needless suffering Nigerians go through. According to her, we are too intelligent to be suffering.

Sending messages to the average Nigerians, she made them know that suffering isn’t a lesson to brag about as it is evil.

Omotola questioned why people must suffer to get anything done.

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