Josh2Funny celebrates his one year old son with heartwarming words

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Popular skit maker and content creator, Joshua Alfred, better known as Josh2funny has written a heartwarming birthday note to celebrate his one year old son.

Josh2Funny shared photos and videos of his son, Eden Alfred, online with a joyous caption expressing how grateful he is for his existence.

The father of one revealed that his son brought joy to his household, and he will be keeping his photos for future purposes.

“Exactly a year ago, my Prince was born EDEN ALFRED thanks for all the Joy you brought to us, I’m forever grateful to God for the experience of having this Amazing soul celebrate you, my Son, May God keep you Amen.

“When you grow up, you go see say, I post you for free, I go pin the post.”

Josh2funny surprises his wife, Bina, with a Mercedes-Benz

In late 2022, Josh2Funny surprised his wife, Bina, with a Mercedes-Benz. The news was shared by the mother of one on her Instagram page.

Bina shared a video to reveal how excited she was about the gift and also expressed gratitude for what her husband had done for her.

She wrote: The gratitude in my heart is full it’s not any special day, but you made it special, my love how do I thank God how do I thank you, my love, there’s so much to say to you, it’s God in heaven who will reward you for all you do there so many great things you do I can’t offload all but for sure I’m glad I said yes to you, and I’m happy I trusted the process you promised it will only get better and you never stopped proving to me that your words are true thank you my husband what a pleasant surprise.

In response to her post, Josh2funny said she deserved every good thing and also thanked her for waiting.

He wrote: You deserve every good thing you get from me, thanks for waiting.


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