“It is unfair”, Yetunde Bakare opens up on struggles she is facing as a Nollywood Actress

Nollywood actress popularly known as Yetunde Bakare has opened up on struggles actors face in the movie industry.

On her Instagram story, she disclosed that she has been keeping a low profile lately because she became aware that people tend to form their opinions of others primarily based on their social media presence.

Yetunde observed that people often don’t make an effort to truly understand others before passing judgment on them. Additionally, she pointed out a drawback of her profession.

In the heartfelt post she wrote: I’ve been on my own lately because I’ve realized that a lot of people judge you based on social media and not your personality…like they’re not even ready to know who you are before judging you also my kind of profession Makes it more easier to doubt how disciplined you are. It is unfair but it’s all good

She went further to advise upcoming actors to give it a proper thinking before deciding to join the Nigerian movie industry.

Just think twice before joining Nollywood…if your skin no thick skin no put body because they’ll mess with your mental health!

Yetunde Bakare opens up on struggles she faces as a Nollywood actress
Yetunde Bakare opens up on struggles she faces as a Nollywood actress
‘Don’t be broke and heartbroken’ Yetunde Bakare advises people to chase money not love

The entanglement between love and money has, over time, generated arguments as to which is more important. Setting the records straight, actress Yetunde recently advised that people pursue money instead of love.

According to the mother of one, setting aside love and going after money is best because the latter is important. She also stated that being broke and heartbroken at the same time isn’t a a good thing.

Taking to her Instagram story, she wrote: “Sometimes, leave true love and chase money… it’s better to cry on a filled stomach than empty stomach. Don’t be broke and heart broken”.

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