‘I wish to have a Sugar daddy that will take care of me’ – Eva Chris

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Fast rising Nollywood actress cum Skit Maker, Eva Chris has expressed her desire to have a man who would sponsor and treat her to a luxurious lifestyle.

In an interview with The Sun Newspapers, the Anambra State born Entertainer who is currently out of the country admitted that most of her admirers are married men.

“Right now, I am not in Nigeria. I love travelling and exploring, but I will definitely be back to my lovely country soon. My travel and luxury is not sponsored by anyone. The only sponsors I have is me and myself. No sugar daddy is bankrolling me. Although, I will love to meet and have one some day because almost all the men that are always nice to me are mostly married men but unfortunately, I can’t date a married man. I don’t have a man. I am currently single,” Eva Chris.

Speaking on some of the embarrassing messages she get from men, Eva Chris noted that although she has not experienced physical sexual harrasment, her social media inbox message is filled with awkward requests.

“I have never been sexually harassed physically or in Nollywood. But my social media platforms are wild. Men send me ridiculous messages. I got one recently that reads; ” How much will a night cost?”. I mean because I have big ass, people always feel you’re for the streets. Besides, my curves is natural. I didn’t undergo surgery, so why would I have to do runs with my God given body? I’m already okay and also obsessed with my body, I mean my body is already killing.”

Eva Chris also knocked off the idea of going for liposuction because according to her, her body is beautiful enough already.

“I’m already okay and also obsessed with my body. I mean my body is already killing, if I undergo Liposuction then it’s really over for some people. So, I won’t really consider that,” she bragged.


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