‘I will give you $1k if…’ Korra Obidi’s ex-husband throws shade days after she shows off new mansion

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US based Nigerian Dancer Korra Obidi, has been criticized by her ex-husband, Justin Dean, just days after she purchased a new mansion in Los Angeles.

The American therapist posted a video on his Tiktok comparing his rented apartment to Korra’s new mansion. He noted that people had been misinformed as a mansion offers 5000 square ft. with 5 to 6 bedrooms which hers didn’t have.

He said: “I am 2000 square feet short of a mansion. There is a condo downstairs; if you put both of these together, mine is almost a mansion. So many people are putting phrases on the internet with complete inaccuracy.”

To jog your memory, there was a court directive that instructed both parents to refrain from sharing pictures of their children on social media. Justin then asserted that his daughters are not confined to a room and offered Korra a thousand dollars if she could produce evidence to the contrary.

“I will give you 1k dollars if you show me evidence of my kids locked up in a room”, he said. You can watch the video.

Dancer Korra Obidi acquires a new house worth $1.6 million

Jaratunes recalls that Korra Obidi recently splashed millions on a new house in Los Angeles, USA.

The dancer cum singer excitedly shared the good news on her Instagram page.

Throwing shade, Korra Obidi stated that despite her small nyash, she has been able to secure a house because she has a big God.

To her haters, she used their demeaning words against her to them, as she noted how a naked divorcee has acquired a house worth $1.6million.

She appreciated God for not being a man and expressed gratitude to her family and friends

Korra Obidi dedicated her new property to her two daughters, June and Athena.

“Small Nyash, Big God.
The naked divorcee disgrace don buy house

Thank God day man no be God. We did it @korraverse_ Grateful to my family and friends.

Landlady of a $1,600,000 home. Brentwood Los Angeles”.

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