“I have said unprintable words to my children and lost my cool on them” Biodun Okeowo tearfully speaks on the frustration of being a single mother

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In celebration of mother’s day, Nollywood actress, Biodun Okeowo has spoken out on the frustration of being a single mother.

The Yoruba movie star admitted that she has lost her cool on her children in the past and said unprintable words out of frustration.

However, she is grateful for God’s mercy as she doesn’t look like what she has passed through.

Not forgetting other single mothers, Biodun Okeowo said a word of prayer for them.

“This brought tears to my eyes. This is exactly what motherhood is to a single parent, who is hustling to make ends meet.

So many times I’ve lost my cool like this on my children in the past… Said unprintable words out of frustration.

Hmmm let me stop, but all I have to say is thank God for His mercy.

We don’t look like what we’ve passed through.

If you are a single parent, that God in His infinite Mercy sends you help from His sanctuary and connect you to your destiny helper from this moment.

Alaanu kan soso bi egberun eniyan, ki Olorun ko ran si yin”.

Biodun Okeowo blows hot over an insensitive comment a man made about her daughter

Just days back, Biodun Okeowo had slammed a male fan over the insensitive comment he left on her page about her daughter.

The actress who went all out for her daughter’s 19th birthday on Monday, shared a screenshot of a comment made by a male fan.

The fan was hoping that her 19-years-old daughter, Ifeoluwa, don’t end up going under the knife.

“Hope she wouldn’t do yansh soon”, the male fan identified as 2unde007 wrote.

Reacting to it, Biodun stated that she can’t develop a thick skin to such comment, especially when it’s about her daughter.

She avowed that a campaign should start against social media trolls and bullies.

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