“I go do u well” – Hausa meat seller loses it as lady offers to sleep with him, sells for free (Video)

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A video involving a beautiful lady and Hausa meat seller who offers to sell for free because of a promise the lady made to him has surfaced online and by extension get many people talking.

In the video making the rounds, the lady who is a prankster identified as @naija_nicki pranked the unsuspecting Hausa meat seller by telling him that she doesn’t have money but was willing to welcome him home for the night.

It all started started after the lady and her friend approached the Hausa gentleman selling meat at his base with colleagues.

Upon asking the for the price of meats laid on the table, the Hausa responded by saying the prices are N7,500 and N6,500.

Reacting this said the prices of those meats are to much for her, she replied “I get problem oh, I no get cash” and that was just the beginning.

The lady further tries to get the attention of the Hausa man by deciding to pay in kind during the pranking process, she said; “No worry, I go do u well, you go follow me go house, if you don close
you no go like chop this thing!”

After saying, the lady further makes the Hausa meat seller goes gaga by turning her curvy backside and she further said; “no worry you go enjoy am.”

At that moment, the Hausa meat seller was left drooling as he wasted no time in packing almost all his meat for the lady. The lady further asks for N1000 naira from him which he did by giving her in cash.

Following this, lady while trying to fulfill her promised asked for the Hausa meat seller phone number, “give me your phone make I put my number.”

The Hausa meat seller did so and he saved her number so as to be able to meet her in the night in the other room for servicing.

After completing her mission the lady further asked netizens “should i return his meat?”

Watch the funny video below;

See reactions below;

naija__nicki: The guy made d right choice 😹.

celestine_stainz: I no believe this one o , Una don plan this one before Una shoot , it’s written all over the their faces and actions.

mc_ovie: This one no fit make mama proud again 🤣🤣🤣.

themainkamnazzy: Plz stop making men seem to foollll, ah ah😂😂😂😂😂 imagine.

iamfreemanofficial: I just see reason why Adam self no reject apple 🍏 😂😂😂😂.

haruna_coby_: Men are really suffering…na the 1k pain me pass😂😂😂.

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