“I am suffering, please come for me” Ugandan man cries out to Pete Edochie, claims to be his biological son (Video)

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A Ugandan man by the name, of Simon, has passionately appealed to veteran actor, Pete Edochie to reach out to him.

In a video making rounds online, the man had claimed to be one of the sons of the veteran actor.

Simon said his mum had visited Nigeria in 1984 to work as a house help and had returned to Ugandan with a pregnancy.

He stated that his mother was never able to show him his biological father before her demise, but many have noted the similarity between him and Pete Edochie.

Reaching out to the veteran, he begged him to come for him as he is struggling in Kampala.

“I am from Kampala, Uganda. My mother told me in 1984, she went to Nigeria and worked as a housemaid, and came back to Uganda when she was pregnant. She gave birth to a son and that’s me. Up till now, I haven’t had the chance of meeting my biological father. Many people that come to me tell me that I resemble Pete Edochie. Sir Pete Edochie my mother died but you are still alive, if you are still there, and you know you are my father please come for your son. I am struggling, life isn’t good in Kampala, Ugandan”.

Pete Edochie speaks on his grandson’s death, reveals his conversation with Yul over Kambili

Meanwhile, the veteran is still mourning his grandson, Kambilichukwu.

Jaratunes reported on Wednesday, March 29, that the young champ lost his life after developing a seizure while playing football with his schoolmates.

According to reports, Kambilichukwu was rushed to the Mother and Child Hospital, Lagos where he was pronounced dead.

Confirming the devastating news to Vanguard, Pete said Yul had called him on the telephone to inform him of the incident.

Pete revealed that he and his family started praying for the child immediately after Yul called them.

Speaking about the deceased, Pee Edochie revealed his late grandson’s exceptional qualities.

According to him, his grandson is a very quiet, brilliant, and talented child. He isn’t somebody one can ride on easily and he doesn’t get angry no matter the situation.

He stated that the deceased was so accomplished and an unusual person.

The legendary actor disclosed that he always told Yul that people like Kambili, who excel in everything they do, don’t last long on the earth.

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