“How they destroyed my business and studio” Portable recounts disheartening incident as he threatens legal action following beaten

Fast rising Nigerian street singer, Habeeb Okikiola better known as Portable has threatened to take legal action following the severe beaten he received from friends.

Jaratunes reported that Portable had cried out after being severely beaten by his friends.

The fast rising singer, via his Instagram story, revealed that his friends ganged up to beat him after he interfered in their dispute with his sister.

According to Portable, his friends had a rift with his sister and as her brother, Portable had interfered in it and had gotten the beaten of his life.

The father of four was severely injured as he had bruises on several part of his body, while his sister was hospitalized.

Portable noted how he has been the one helping his friends and how they are envious of his growing success.

Following the outcry, Portable’s management has released a press statement addressing the issue.

His management detailing explained the cause of the incident and the level of damages done.

According to the press statement, while Portable was away in Gambia, some touts had attacked his sister and left her hospitalized.

Unfortunately, they ran out of luck as they were apprehended by police officers. Luckily for them, Portable who has a good heart ordered for their immediate release and called for peace between both parties.

In a surprising twist, the hoodlums had launched another attack on his bar, Odogwu Bitters bar, studio and house; destroyed his properties; and assaulted his workers.

The level of damage done to the singer has left him disheartened.

“The events of the last few days has been a bit challenging and very disheartening. As a Management, we are unable to come to terms with how young people can be so blindly motivated by their entitlement mentality that they would helplessly resort to wanton destruction of property and life threatening bodily harm.

Our lawyers have been fully briefed and necessary legal actions are being negotiated in ensuring that this regrettable action of some self-motivated greedy lots does not go unpunished as the law is a respecter of no one. Once again, we thank you for standing by us all these gone by years”.

Portable files lawsuit against people who beat him
Portable files lawsuit against people who beat him

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