“Grace wey nor dey disgrace”, Wumi Toriola throws shades hours after Nigerians mock Toyin Abraham

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Nollywood actress Wumi Toriola has shared a

Wumi Toriola shared the video of herself vibing to Portable’s song that spoke about his time with the police and how grace worked for him.

The mother of one captioned her video with shading words, “Grace wey nor dey disgrace.”

Wumi Toriola’s post trails the mocking reactions of Nigerians to Toyin Abraham over a role she acted in the Gangs of Lagos.

An online video captured Toyin Abraham in the movie, lamenting the 20 years of struggle of Lagosians under the leadership of a particular party in the state.

The actress angrily called out the government for not fulfilling their responsibilities for their state while they take their children overseas for safety.

Toyin Abraham claimed the government in power kept transferring public funds into their personal account and used the children masses to enhance their evil motives.

The movie, which was reportedly shot some years back, got many talking about the role of Toyin Abraham, which is tagged ‘double standard’ to her support of the party.

Toyin Abraham had publicly declared her love for the ruling All Progressives Congress in Lagos State to emerge winner at the 2023 polls.

Wumi Toriola breaks silence on sleeping with Toyin Abraham’s husband

Some time ago, Jaratunes reported that Wumi Toriola broke silence about sleeping with Toyin Abraham’s husband, Kolawole Ajeyemi.

The mother of one on Instagram claimed the report that circulated the rumours were false and diabolical.

Wumi Toriola alleged that she did not have any intimate relationship with Toyin Abraham’s former and present husband,

This morning, my attention was called to a diabolical comment on Gistlover’s blog that I “slept with a colleague’s husband.

Not only is the comment false, it is diabolical, evil and intended to soil my name.

Not only did I not sleep with the said person’s present husband, but I also did not have any intimate relationship with her former husband as well.

I do not know why this person’s fans are fixated on the continuous tarnishing of my image and bent on causing continuous rancour, but I do know that this is the last time I will be responding to anything regarding this person.

I have moved on. I am focusing only on the future and just want to make movies. By the way, my next production is Queen Lateefah for the big platforms. That is what I will be putting my energy on henceforth, not responding to people whose only goal is to see my downfall.

I will not fall or fail as along as God is on the throne. God is the greatest, and I will continue to owe my sustenance to him alone.

Wumi Toriola

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