Crossdresser James Brown gets many talking over his epic throwback photos

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Crossdresser James Brown has left many of his fans talking over his throwback photo.

The African barbie, had surprised his millions of fans when he shared throwback photos of him to promote a brand.

James Brown tagged the posts Flashback monday.

“Flash back Monday”.

The photos has since created buzz online as eagle-eyed fans could spot his manhood in the photos. Many noted how God has transformed the crossdresser.

One Ekund haryor wrote, “Na who give up fvck up

One Gracious Eno wrote, “See ur big preek like waitin them dey take fetch water

One Abjluxury hub wrote, “It’s been a long way come he dey the blood since

One Real Gerald wrote, “Thank God for ur life because sapa really show u shege

One Lindi Koko wrote, “Wetin be this. U dey set the prick well

James Brown says being a woman can make one wealthy

Jaratunes recalls that James Brown had explained why he chooses to dress as a woman.

The dramatic Duchess of London took to his Instagram account to share pictures of himself dressed as a man, however, with female nails. A fan told him he is handsome as a man and doesn’t understand why he acts like a woman.

Responding to the fan, James Brown said he dresses like a woman because it pays the bills naturally. He also said that being a woman can make somebody rich however if the person is smart. He also offered to help if the fan is interested.

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