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“Singer Seyi Shay is lying that her Instagram account was hacked” – Shade Ladipo


TV Personality Shade Ladipo has accused Singer Seyi Shay of lying that her Instagram account was hacked earlier today.

Earlier today, three pictures of Seyi Shay was shared on her IG page and it almost broke the internet but she claims her account has been hacked and she cannot tell who is behind this.

Seyi Shay says she believes it is a deliberate attack and her privacy is being violated. She added that the pictures are not from recent exchange.

She went on to sound a warning to fans and followers to ignore Direct Messages from her IG page, especially any requesting for personal information.

She expressed her displeasure via her Twitter account here she wrote;

“I cannot tell why/who is doing this, but my IG account has been compromised & my privacy is being violated. Seems to be a deliberate attack as the photos circulating are not from a recent exchange. Please ignore all DMs from my account and do not share any personal info.”

This are claims that hasn’t gone down well with Shade Ladipo . According to her, the hack is possible, but how did the hackers get her pics.

Taking to her Instagram stories, she wrote;

“So I want to understand
If your Instagram account gets hacked did they also hack your naked pictures from within the Instagram?
I’m asking for my Neighbour oh.”

She also went on to state that if one wants to post their n*des on social media, they should post the full picture, and not come back to claim that their account was hacked. She wrote;

“If you want to show us Bobbie and small yansh pls do like your mates and stand by it with your full chest
I’m here for the whole thing but stop saying your account was hacked
We went to school Ma.”


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