“God will make you suffer in ways money can’t fix” – Tekno to corrupt Nigerian leaders


Nigerian singer and songwriter, Augustine Miles Kelechi, popularly known as Tekno, has taken to social media to hit out at corrupt Nigerian leaders.

The singer is obviously not pleased with some Nigerian leaders.

Taking to his Twitter page, Tekno laid curses on “leaders stealing from their people.” He wrote;

”If u a leader in this country stealing from your people and just can’t give back small to the people.. God will make u suffer in ways money can’t fix”


See some reactions to his post below;

@malfyogu: Lmao everyone here cursing the leaders when most of they themselves steal indirectly daily. Students stealing from parents and relatives, workers scamming their bosses, shop owners hiking prices of items, the list goes on. We are all just hypocrites in this country.

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@KissableQ: They will all die miserably. Karma doesn’t have a time limit, when it hits, you MUST feel it. Evil people always think they are winning until its too late.

@Sadiksmart7: Politicians and Musicians are on the same level…One is wrecking the people economically while the other is wrecking the people Morally and spiritually…

You all attacking me are victims of both Politicians & Musicians…There is no lesser devil…

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