Blessing CEO reveals why women get heartbroken the most

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Popular Nigerian relationship and mental expert Blessing CEO, has yet again dished out her two cents on relationships and gender matters.

In a recent Instagram post, Blessing CEO shed light on why women with the purest hearts often end up getting hurt in relationships.

According to her, women with pure hearts tend to give everything they have when it comes to love, often without expecting anything in return.

They invest all their emotions, time, and effort into their relationships, hoping to build a strong and lasting bond with their partner.

However, this level of commitment and devotion often makes them vulnerable to heartbreak and disappointment. Because they have given their all to the relationship, the pain of rejection or betrayal can be particularly devastating.

Despite this, Blessing CEO encouraged women to continue to build themselves up while standing by their men. She advised that women prioritize personal growth and development, even as they invest in relationships. By doing so, they will become stronger and more resilient, able to weather any storm that comes their way.

She wrote: Women with the purest heart are the once who gets broken the most , because they give every part of love..Build yourself while standing by your man .

Blessing CEO teaches men on how to make a woman submissive

Jaratunes recalls that Blessing revealed to men how to get their wives to submit to them.

Blessing CEO revealed this information via her Instagram, adding a picture of herself to the post.

She mentioned that a man could only get a woman to submit only when she is shown love. The celebrity also noted that it is not a man’s birthright as he has to work for it and earn the submission with love.

She wrote: Dear men submission is not your right , you earn it with love.

The media personality recently joined a host of other celebrities to address a trend among married women. She quizzed married women on why they openly cheat on their husbands without any control or shame.

Blessing CEO unashamedly defends her alleged relationship with IVD

The media personality who dishes out advise on relationships seems to have her fair share of controversies and failed relationships.

Jaratunes recalls that Blessing CEO had flaunted a mystery man, which many claimed is IVD.

Blessing CEO, who was not ashamed of dating the husband of late Bimbo Martins, took her comment section to reply to her curious fans.

When a fan slammed her for having no shame, Blessing CEO stressed that she has overgrown shame and is in the level of disgrace.

The fan had written, “So na IVD. If shameless was a person now it all makes sense


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