Adewunmi Fatai shares heartwarming throwback

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Nollywood artiste Adewunmi Fatai has shared a heartwarming throwback photo of herself, dated 10 years ago.

The mother of one shared the photo on her Instagram page with a Jumat greeting to all her fans and followers.

Adewunmi Fatai, who is actor Mustapha Sholagbade’s baby mama, revealed that the photo was taken ten years ago during one of her annual Ramadan lectures.

She wrote: Jumat Mubarak fam, may Allah accept all our secret prayers. 10yrs ago Ramadan lecture at Oluwole Allihamdulilai

Adewunmi Fatai calls out Mustapha Sholagbade

Jaratunes recalls that Adewunmi Fatia publicly disgraced her baby daddy, Mustapha Sholagbade, on his birthday earlier this year.

The actress and make-over artiste shared a lengthy post online to mock her ex for being a deadbeat father.

Adewunmi Fatai listed several things Mustapha Sholagbade failed to do for their growing son, which is already taking a toll on him.

Adewunmi Fatai’s post on Mustapha Sholagbade’s birthday

“Happy birthday, Owo baba Yasir; thank you for always coming to check in on your son.

Thank you for making him feel the fatherly love you showed to your other sons.

Thank you for always making Yasir feels his daddy’s absence every time his mate is showing off their dad in sch.

Thank you for always making him ask for his dad, jawe Owo baba Yasir.

Thank you for always coming and shooting in our area.

Even if I was there but never bothered to ask me to bring him or call grandma to check on your FIRST SON.

Thank you for always making the boy think I’m a failed mother. Thank you for always making him feel like a fatherless child.

Thank you for always think because he is a Nigerian citizen, he means nothing to you.

Thank you for always making me regret that no matter how you struggle or make my son think he has no father….”

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