Actress Jemima Osunde reacts after being labeled a ‘best friend snatcher’ over her relationship with Adesua Etomi

Nollywood actress, Jemima Osunde has reacted after being labeled a bestfriend -snatcher.

Jemima Osunde, via her Twitter page, had reacted to the one week extension of governorship election.

The actress had noted how many of the candidates have been donating items in a bid to win votes.

Jemima revealed that she was anticipating what the next one week would bring, since politicians were doing everything to get votes.

“We’ve seen everything promotions to salary increase to new transformers to half day of work all in one week.

And they’ve added one more week.

Let’s see what the new week brings with it”.

A Twitter user, who was unbothered with her tweet, had slammed her for snatching someone’s bestfriend.

There is no doubt that the tweep was referring to Adesua Etomi, who was once the bestfriend Linda Ejiofor, before their friendship turned sour.

Telling Jemima to shut up, she labelled her a best friend snatcher.

“Please SHUT Up!!! Best friend snatcher!!”

Jemima Osunde replies critic who labelled her a best friend snatcher

Reacting to it, Jemima questioned which of her best friends she snatched.

Acting ignorant, Jemima stated that she is bothered about the label because she is being falsely accused as she doesn’t know the tweep.

“Please I NEED you guys to help me ask her which of her best friends I snatched.

I’m not joking. Please help me BOMBARD her with tweets asking her.

She has to answer cause this one is really wild. How can someone just wake up and be silly?

No, I’m bothered cause this is a false accusation and she must explain.

How can someone I don’t know from anywhere come online to accuse me of snatching her best friend “.

Jemima Osunde replies critic who labelled her a best friend snatcher
Jemima Osunde replies critic who labelled her a best friend snatcher

It is no longer news that Adesua Etomi and Linda Ejiofor, who were once the envy of many have falled out due to unknown reasons.

Jaratunes recalls that Linda Ejiofor’s refusal to publicly celebrate her colleague and former best friend, Adesua Etomi on her birthday on February 22, 2022, confirmed the speculations of their relationship gone sour, after months of not being involved in each other’s space.

Linda Ejiofor and Adesua Etomi’s enviable relationship used to inspire fans but since they got married, their relationship grew cold and they stopped attending events together.

“Linda has gummed to her husband, only him and no time for anyone else. She doesn’t even celebrate or mix with anyone else apart from him and Adesua Etomi is tired of always being the one pushing for their relationship to continue…” an insider told Kemi Filani.

Another incident that confirmed their grudge was when Adesua Etomi had her son, Linda did not post about it, unlike some other close colleagues who did.

Also, when Adesua Etomi shared a video of the special friends she informed about the arrival of her son, Zee in celebration of his first birthday, Linda Ejiofor wasn’t in it.

And then again when Adesua Etomi’s song ‘So Natural” was released Linda Ejiofor failed to post about it on her page unlike other colleagues like Bisola Aiyeola, Bimbo Ademoye, Jemima Osunde who did to support their homegirl.

This year, Linda Ejiofor once again shunned Adesua Etomi on her birthday.

Since their fall out, Adesua has become best friend with the trio, Jemima Osunde, Bisola Aiyeola and Bimbo Ademoye.

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