“This One Na Spirit Ooo”– Woman surprise as she gives birth to baby with teeth

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In a video surface online shows when a baby with teeth was delivered, the expectant mother was surprised, Jaratunes report.

When they learned that her daughter had been born, they appeared surprised in a video that was shared on social media.

The woman and another who was photographing her were spotted gazing in awe at the infant child.

The infant, who had two front teeth, underwent a medical examination by the doctor and nurses in the delivery room.

See Social Media Reaction;

ceesaylamin502; This is the creator of the almighty Allah

bettybae27; They will remove it so he or she doesn’t swallow it when it falls off

ifeanyinnadika; This one no be Gen Z

shannels_skincare; It will be removed immediately though

drogbaenyi; Imagine say na Chosen woman born this child

caliwendy18; How will you breast feed

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